My mission is to help you tap into your fullest potential by gaining awareness around your limiting beliefs and creating healthy lifestyle habits. About coaching >>


Mindful awareness is a foundational practice in my personal and professional life. It supports me to bring conscious awareness to coaching, workshops, and education. See my credentials. >> 


I have strong faith in things that I have not yet seen. I value exploring and learning information to increase conscious awareness.  My passion for truth seeking guides my mission, values and work. Read my story. >>


As a performance artist, creative, and idea generator- I continuously look for ways to express my truth. I integrate a creative approach to help you on your self-development journey.



I was in a job that was not the right fit for me, unsatisfied in my relationships, and felt deeply out of touch with my authentic needs. I held onto resentment towards myself and others for where I was. I pictured myself continuing down this path, leading to an unsatisfying life of checking off items to fit ‘the mold.’  It felt impossible to identify how this sadness even originated and what my frustration was really about.

As I reached a breaking point with emotional and psychological pain, I began to ask myself: How did I get here? Why am I deeply miserable, when I have a life that could appear great to others? Who really am I and what are my needs? What would make me feel happy and alive?

With support from amazing health coaches, healthcare practitioners, friends, books, self care practices and deep self reflection, I found that clarity and compassion began to develop in my life. By no means do I have everything figured out now. I still get frustrated; feel sad, confused and overwhelmed at times; blame society, etc.

I do however feel more in touch with my authentic needs. Have more clarity around what does not work for me, and what makes me feel joyful. Have more awareness around my decisions and take ownership for my life choices. I have tools to foster more meaningful relationships with forgiveness. I prioritize the nutrition, movement, exercise, and rest I need to feel healthy and alive.  


Duke Integrative Medicine Certification Program

Coach Mentor at Duke Integrative Medicine

NonViolent Communication Training with Oren Jay Sofer

Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications at Elon University

Integrative Health Coach Foundations Course at Duke Integrative Medicine

Certified in Shamanic Reiki Level 1 + 2

Certified Yoga Instructor at School of Shanti in Kerala, India

Power of Clearing Teacher Training with Sandy Levey



"Claire is a wonderful coach who takes the time to learn about the individual with whom she is working. I found the best part of working with her to be the nonjudgmental, supportive, and intelligent attitude that she has to offer. She helped me develop goals that I will continue to work toward even though our sessions have concluded. I strongly recommend choosing her as a coach."

Susanna T
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
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"Claire has added a tremendous amount of value to me almost instantly. Her coaching has not only helped me in personal life, but has also added several healthy practices that I've been able to carry over into my professional life. With Claire's guidance and support I've been able to effectively improve this balance in my personal life while using a lot of the principles to help me set actionable, measurable goals for my business as well."

Walter W. Cole
Founder & CEO Skyport Drones
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"Claire helped me tremendously! She guided me in what I needed to do in order to manage the crazy amount of stress I have in my life. She listened and allowed me to manage my stress in the best and most beneficial way for me. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to have her as my health and wellness coach and I would recommended anyone to go to her."

Victoria S
Murfreesboro, Tennesse
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"Working with Claire has helped me transform my daily life. With her support I have been able to bring more creativity and calm to each moment. I’ve tried things I never thought I would (improv classes). I feel more connected to my mind, body and spirit. Her coaching expertise and guided meditation skills are impeccable. I’d recommend working with Claire 11/10!"

Katie Umbdenstock
Durham, North Carolina

I would definitely recommend Claire to someone who needs advice or help in their daily life. She really sees a bigger picture and gives suggestions from different points of view! I will continue to see and keep in contact!

Morgan Davis
Carborro, NC